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PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Night Vision Goggle

PD-PRO-Q is the most compact and lightest panoramic goggle on the market today designed for Tier 1 teams.

The expanded field-of-view (FOV) combined with our HypersenseTM 4G tube technology also expands the detection range, allowing the operator to see laser illuminators not visible to standard military issue night vision goggles without the need for additional digital or thermal clip-on devices.

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Spectral sensitivity: Below 400nm to above 1,000 nm

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Weight: < 28 oz. (< 800 grams)

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Horizontal field of view: 104°

PD-PRO-Q goggle image

The next evolution in night vision


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Photonis Defense releases Ultralight 4G Night Vision Goggles

December 1, 2020 / NewsNight Vision

Photonis, a world leader in state-of-the-art night vision Image Intensifier Tubes for military and commercial applications, has released its Photonis Defense Professional (PD-PRO) series of night vision goggles built around their 16mm and hybrid 18mm image intensifier tubes.The end results are one of the USA’s smallest, lightest and best performing night vision systems. These systems will hit the market in time for the holiday season and are aimed at professionals and consumers who require military grade equipment so they have the ability to see at night for safety, security or scientific reasons. 

The end results are one of the USA’s smallest, lightest and best performing night vision systems. These systems will hit the market in time for the holiday season and are aimed at professionals and consumers who require military grade equipment so they have the ability to see at night for safety, security or scientific reasons. 

A night vision system is an essential component for night operations in which the user must be able to see without the benefit of additional lighting. The PD-PRO series of night vision systems offer the most advanced night vision capability available, providing vital awareness of uneven terrain, natural obstacles and situational awareness of potential threats. Photonis Defense’s extremely lightweight, compact goggles and monoculars help reduce neck and shoulder strain commonly associated with heavier and larger military based 18mm systems. They are equipped with advanced capabilities such as out-of-band detection, otherwise known as extended bandwidth, allowing users to see 30 percent more of the available light spectrum that can be obtained with current military issued night vision gear. This enables the user to see infrared and laser illuminators that cannot be detected with standard military issue night vision goggles. 

The PD-PRO series is the first branded system from Photonis Defense and will only be available in the United States, both for individuals and distributors. The PD-PRO series consists of the PD-PRO-Q ( a 4-tube goggle using a hybrid 18mm 4G filmless image intensifier tube, PD-PRO-16B (a binocular) and the PD-PRO-16M (a monocular device). Both the 16B and 16M are built around Photonis’ revolutionary 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes, which are 40 percent less volume than standard 18mm tubes. Photonis 4G technology enables a clean and crisp image from edge to edge, greatly reduced HALO, superior resolution and contrast. Photonis 4G based products are used internationally and in all NATO countries, providing superior detection, recognition and identification of threats across a variety of challenging conditions, including counterterrorism, military operations, law enforcement and environmental resources. 

Extensive testing by Tier 1 operational forces was conducted before the branded systems were deemed ready fo the US market. Technical challenges faced included the increased emphasis on urban counter-terrorism activities in which lighting conditions can change instantly from pitch blackness to brightly lit environments. The PD-PRO series employs the fastest Auto-Gating on the market enabling operations to see even when the goggles are exposed to bright flashes of light such as explosions, muzzle flash, or when moving from dark rooms into bright sunlight. Thus, the PD-PRO series of night vision goggles greatly increases the ability to detect, recognize and identify (DRI) threats and operate successfully in all nighttime conditions. Additionally, their unsurpassed performance in urban areas enables this technology to be particularly suitable for law enforcement operations. 

“The military and first responder community has been clamoring for smaller and lighter systems for decades,” commented Larry Stack, CEO of Photonis Defense. “With the advent of these 16mm based systems, we are now delivering on a mass scale the smallest and lightest night vision systems in the world to the American market. Our systems provide extreme usability and vital protection for anyone needing a lighter, smaller night vision system,” added Stack. 

To guarantee the quality and performance of the PD-PRO Series, Photonis Defense employs former Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Police and first responders to help conceptualize, create and test the equipment. The PD-PRO series, especially the PD-PRO-16B and 16M, will also appeal to hunters, naturalists, scientists and outdoor sports enthusiasts seeking superior night vision. 

“Form definitely meets function with the PD-PRO series. We have reduced the size and weight of our night vision goggles by as much as 30 percent as compared to larger 18mm versions while adding a technologically advanced tube that provides a wider field of view and longer battery life,” said Stack. “We are excited to present a superior product line that has exciting implications not only for military, police, fire and government agencies but also for hunters, biologists and outdoor enthusiasts,” he added. “This is a product that we envision not only every emergency management department and sporting goods store to have, but also any individual that is concerned with safety and security.”

About Photonis Defense, Inc. 

Photonis Defense is a high-tech organization innovating and engineering photosensor technologies, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since 1942, when Photonis Defense operated the WWII manufacturing facilities producing radio and microwave tubes for the U.S. Navy, the company has provided U.S. deployed military forces with high-performance, state-of-the-art technology. Photonis Defense supplies U.S. troops with sensors and image intensifier tubes that pierce the blackest of nights, along with jammers and communication technologies that deny the enemy their ability to track and engage while US signals are boosted. Photonis Defense’s mission is to create innovative, reliable products that offer unwavering support for U.S. military forces and first responders, at home and abroad. 

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