Security and Surveillance
Photonis releases a new output interface for the Nocturn HD-SDI camera core. The new interface, the HD BNC, features a quick connect/disconnect system and improved reliability under harsh conditions.
Photonis France has donated a variety of surgical masks, protective suits, disposable overalls, and vinyl gloves to hospitals in the surrounding area to assist nurses and doctors in caring for patients who are infected by the Corona Virus (COVID-19)
Photonis Defense's Digital Vision technologies are being used by US and foreign soldiers during the Force-on-Force phase of the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE), going on now at Fort Benning, GA. AEWE are annual, invitation-only testing & evaluation events where new products and technologies are put in the hands of soldiers to determine if they can satisfy current and future Army requirements. The Force-on-Force events are scenarios designed to simulate realistic tactical conditions during squad through company-level operations such as patrolling, attack & defend, and search & rescue.
Photonis Defense, Inc. has been named a Global EW Partner by Clarion Defense for their participation in both EW Europe and EW Asia. Becoming a global partner allows Photonis Defense to extend its reach within the fields of Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities, Information Operations, and other information-related capabilities. Photonis Defense will be formally recognized for this achievement at the EW Asia (ADECS) tradeshow taking place February 4-5th in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Interested in learning more about Photonis’ ECHO and 4G Image Intensifiers? View our editorial piece in Gun Trade World for the latest information on our high-performing image intensifiers. You can see the article here on their website. Photonis Defense will also be at SHOT Show this month at booth 1163. Make sure to stop by and see us with any questions about our night or digital vision products.

Photonis Defense, Inc. is excited to announce our presence at the following tradeshows during the 2020 calendar year. As a company we can’t wait to network with others in the industry and talk in depth with our customers about how our products can help meet their needs. If you’ll also attend these shows this year, please make sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

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