Our Values

Photonis Defense Values

Here at Photonis Defense, Inc., we live by the following values and believe that practicing what we preach creates long-term benefits for our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve. These values describe our company as we want it to be and we strive to ensure that our decisions and actions demonstrate these values every day. 

Our 6 corporate values are: 


Honor, Trust, Integrity, and Respect

As a company we lead by example and are consistently honest, ethical, and genuine in everything we do. 

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We encourage employees to share their opinions and we reward them for their contributions. Our best ideas always come from suggestions by our own employees. 

Passion for Excellence

As a company our passion inspires us to continuously move forward, be innovative, and focus on constantly improving to bring outstanding products to our customers. 

Accountability to our Customers and Ourselves

Photonis Defense strives to be the best in all that we do and hold ourselves accountable for the results. 

Disrupt the Status Quo and Inspire Greatness

We challenge the status quo and find new ways to not only grow our company, but also inspire greatness in ourselves and the individuals we work with. 

Unwavering Support for Our Military and First Responders

We value the sacrifices that our military and first responders make every day and strive to create innovate products that they can rely on.

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