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Photonis Defense, Inc. is committed providing the best and most advanced products in the fields of broad bandwidth, high power amplifiers and cutting-edge night and digital vision technologies. Since 1942, Photonis has been keeping our deployed military at the ready with sensors and image intensifier tubes that pierce the blackest of nights, and with jammers and communication technologies that deny the enemy their ability to track and engage while assuring our forces can communicate under the most adverse conditions. We offer a variety of customized Traveling Wave Tubes and Microwave Power Modules for electronic warfare, signal jamming, and SatCom. Our Power Tube product lines provide the massive amounts of power out and RF amplification used in a variety of applications, including missile defense, radar, scientific research, and communications. 




Photonis offers various solutions for defense-related applications. For superior nighttime vision, you can trust our image intensifier tubes and low light imaging products to help you find your way through the darkest of nights. Our power tube and microwave products assist with communication and electronic countermeasures and are a critical part of the way our militaries communicate across the globe. 

Security & Surveillance

We offer a broad range of products for surveillance, mobile and security applications. Our digital vision products support innovative low-light cameras and imaging solutions which provide superior day-through-night digital video with high resolution and high frame rates. Photonis Image Intensifier tubes are also used for several low-light and surveillance detection systems including night vision. The wide variety of phosphor screens and photocathode options for image intensifier tubes allow for customization based on your specific application. 

Analytical Instrumentation

We are the global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of ion and electron detectors for use in a wide range of analytical instruments and mass spectrometry techniques. Our photonic solutions support spectroscopy applications with a broad choice of spectral response options. Our patented products provide superior lifetime and improved sensitivity. 


We are a leader in innovation when it comes to commercial broadband solutions and commercial grade image intensifier tubes. Our Power Tube products are known world-wide for providing reliable, long-life communications to deliver radio and television communications, delivering entertainment and critical news to countries all over the globe. Our commercial grade image intensifier tubes are used in night vision systems across the US and abroad. Night vision users trust Photonis to provide both clear images and fast response times for superior night vision sight. 

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