Our extensive experience in RF engineer has led to the design and development of specialized circuitry for power tubes, otherwise known as “Cavities”

High-power amplifier stage
Frequency ranges: 140 to 1000 MHz
Complete RF Circuits

Technical information

Below are typical drawings for our power tube cavities. Please contact us if you require more specific information. 

power tube cavities


Photonis Power Tube Cavities are a result of our extensive experience in RF engineering partnered with customer demand. For many years we have been designing and developing specialized circuitry for power tubes, generally termed as “cavities”. Our Power Tube cavities are complete RF circuits that are necessary to tune and operate a matching power tube. Each power tube cavity is designed to match a specific tube to produce a final high-power amplifier stage for a specific frequency band and service. Power Tube cavities are an essential part of installation and maintenance operations needed for Photonis Power Tubes. We recommend pairing one of our cavities with any recommended matching power tube. Photonis can provide cavities that cover frequency ranges of 140 to 1000 MHz and we can work with you to determine which power tube cavities you require to support and optimize your installation. 


Long Range Surveillance
Missile Detection Warning System
Electronic Countermeasures
Electronic Warfare
RF Generation (Defense)
Defense Communications
Long Range Surveillance
Linear Accelerator
RF Frequency Generation
Non-Destructive Testing
Medical Imaging
Commercial Communications

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