EB Nocturn

The most powerful digital vision camera made for military night vision, weapon sights, helmet-mounted vision and precision targeting. 

Ultra low light level imaging
High frame rate with no latency
Outstanding image quality
Optimized resolution for mobility applications


The EB Nocturn (Electron Bombarded CMOS)  is a digital image intensification camera that provides outstanding image quality at extreme low light levels. It was specifically designed for integration into imaging systems such as helmet-mounted displays, weapon sights, or vehicle platforms. It's size, weight and low power consumption (SWaP) optimized design eases integration into any kind of optoelectronic system. 

Main Features: 

  • Outstanding image quality at very low light levels
  • The system was designed for portability and mobility purposes
  • Perfect for integration into any imaging systems that are helmet, weapon or vehicle mounted
  • Easily integrated into any kind of optoelectronic system
  • Features an extremely low noise sensor as well as a 1064nm laser detection capability


Sensor Lynx EBCMOS
Resolution 1280 x 1024 Pixels
Format 1" (16mm diagonal)
Frame Rate Up to 60 fps at full resolution
Spectral Range 500 - 930nm in night mode, 930-1100nm in day mode
HVPSU Autogated High Voltage, including day mode protection
Limiting Resolution 51 lp/mm (1280 TV lines)
Shutter Mode Rolling
Operational Range Limited daylight to overcast starlight
Minimum face plate illumination 10-5 lux @ 60fps


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