FM Power Tubes

Power Tubes for varying specifications which have been optimally designed for maximum performance in FM service applications.

Consistent maximum performance
Designed to achieve high gain and high efficiency
Minimized initial and maintenance costs
Permits drive levels to be provided by solid state units


FM Broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting that uses frequency modulation (FM) in order to provide high-quality sound over broadcast radio. For FM Broadcasting applications, Photonis Defense offers power tubes of varying specifications which have been designed to be used as components in commercial transmitters.  Photonis Defense's FM Power Tubes offer consistent performance with high gain and efficiency for maximum performance in FM service. The tubes are easily circuited to a variety of frequency levels and their coaxial terminal design permits operation in the Transverse Electromagnetic Mode (TEM). Photonis Defense FM Power Tubes feature a resonant cavity circuit design that minimizes the restriction of airflow.  The sturdy construction and the thoriated tungsten filament used in the construction minimizes the number of tube inductances resulting in a reduced initial and subsequent maintenance costs associated with modern FM installations. The design of the tube also reduces the number of stages required for satisfactory operation allowing the system to perform at maximum levels with the use of simple economical broadband circuit techniques. Many of Photonis Defense’s power tubes can be purchased with all the complete RF circuits necessary to tune and operate an FM power tube. Our cavities are designed to match a specific Photonis Defense tube in order to produce a final high-power amplifier stage for a specific frequency band and service.

Power Tube Cavities

For many years, Photonis Defense has been developing specialized circuitry for power tubes, generally termed “cavities” as a result of customer demand. These cavities are complete RF circuits that are necessary to tune and operate a matching power tube. Each cavity is designed to match a specific tube in order to produce a final high-power amplifier stage for a specific frequency band and service. Each cavity is an essential part of the installation and maintenance operations needed for a Photonis Defense Power Tube. Photonis Defense highly recommends pairing one of our cavities with any recommended matching power tube and can work with you to determine which power tube cavity your application requires. Please contact us for more information.

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Type Number Power Carrier (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8986 15 9 2.1 1200 19
9011 30 12 3.2 1200 20





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