FusionSight® combines a thermal sensor by Bertin Technologies with a low light CMOS imaging sensor powered by Photonis. 

Fully digital device
Image recording
HD video output
Night & day DRI up to 3 km


FusionSight® combines a thermal sensor by Bertin Technologies and a low light CMOS imaging sensor power by Photonis into a handheld system. The high performing sensors provide a recordable image for any situation and can be used individually or combined. Thanks to the combination of both visible color low light channel and thermal channel, the FusionSight® can detect, recognize and identify distances of up to 3 km. The user can capture images, video and can stream data real-time on multiple interfaces and during long-term team operations. Making this hand-held system especially efficient during operations facing hidden and camouflaged threats and objects of interest.


Thermal Sensor UC (8-12µm) / 480p
Low Light Sensor Kameleon Colour CMOS / HD
Embedded Sensor Compass / 9 axes IMU and GPS
Field of View W: 32° / N: 8° (Thermal Channel)
W:29° / N: 7.25°0 (Visible Channel)
Embedded function Image recording
Output HD-SDI
Display HD OLED
Weight 990 g





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