ICMOS Digital

A low light intensified camera module that features high-definition resolution, high sensitivity and extended dynamic range with low power consumption. 

Fully digital device
Digital night vision camera core
Compact and lightweight
Compliant with all Photonis image intensifier tubes


Powered by Photonis’ image intensifier tubes coupled to a wide dynamic range CMOS sensor, the ICMOS provides real-time imaging capabilities in overcast starlight to low light. Its small size, weight and power (SWaP) makes this camera module ideal for integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance systems. The ICMOS digital camera core is a low light level video unit that features a Photonis image intensifier tube coupled to a wide dynamic range CMOS sensor allowing a direct view image intensifier tube to become a digital solution. This coupling of technologies provides all the benefits of high-performance image quality gained by the image intensifier tube and all the benefits of a digital low light camera such as recording, saving, and sharing videos. The ICMOS unit integrates a high voltage power supply for the intensifier tube and the readout electronics for the CMOS sensor. Video data is provided through a FFC/FPC connector and power is applied separately for the CMOS and the image intensifier.

Main Features:

  • Combines all the benefits of a high-performance image intensifier tube with the benefits of a digital low light camera
  • Ideal for integration into aerial, mobile and hand-held surveillance systems
  • Compatiable with all of Photonis' image intensifier tubes: both night vision and scientific types
  • Can be designed to be a commercial CMOS camera or can be integrated to create a custom CMOS solution
  • ICMOS cannot be used in bright daylight 


Sensor Technology High Dynamic 140 dB
Sensor Resolution 1280 x 1024
Frame Rate 25 or 50 fps full resolution, user selectable
Shutter Mode Rolling Shutter
Pixel Size 10.6 µm
Gain Control Automatic Gain Control
Video Output CameraLink compatible or digital 14 bits, over FFC/FPC connector
Input Voltage +5V



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