Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes

Small and long-lasting miniature traveling wave tubes for a wide variety of military ground-based and airborne platforms.

Long lasting helix-type traveling wave tubes
Superior wide-band performance
Conduction cooled for low temp operation
Rare-earth periodic permanent magnets used for power free focusing
Integrated into Photonis' Microwave Power Modules

Technical Information

2169 7.0-17.5 22 47 -3.90 -1.95 0.115
2223 9.45-10.55 70 55 -4.20 -2.10 0.125
2233 14.35-15.55 70 55 -4.50 -2.25 0.126
2268 8.0-18.0 20 37 -3.90 -1.95 0.115
2279 14.0-14.5 75 60 -4.70 -2.35 0.130
2315 7.5-16.0 70 40 -5.20 -2.5, -3.1 0.160
2320 9.7-15.4 50 47 -4.30 -2.20 0.150
2414 6.0-18.0 100 31 -6.35 -3.18 0.215
2438 2.0-6.0 150 30 -3.00 5-Stage 0.220
2441 6.0-18.0 70 60 -4.30 5-Stage 0.160
2443 6.0-18.0 100 38 -4.30 -2.15 0.165



For applications where RF amplification devices are needed but space is limited, Photonis Defense offers Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes to fulfill these requirements. These are long-lasting helix-type tubes that are designed for efficient performance in some of the most severe operating environments. Photonis’ tubes offer superior wide-band performance in a compact package that is suitable for a wide variety of military ground-based or airborne platforms. For greater flexibility in operating conditions, especially where exposure to extremely high temperatures is possible, Photonis’ Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes are conduction-cooled and need no additional cooling source for low temp operation. The Miniature Traveling Wave Tubes are constructed using the industry standard of metal-ceramic and feature rare-earth periodic permanent magnets for accurate focusing without the need for power. These rugged and lightweight devices come in a variety of standard options, but Photonis Defense can also work with you to create a solution perfect for your specific requirement. Our mini TWTs are also integrated into a wide variety of our Microwave Power Modules which a powerful TWT amplifier, a high voltage power supply, and integrated cooling into a compact and lightweight package.


Mini Traveling Wave Tubes



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