MM Wave Traveling Wave Tubes

Both standard and custom MM Wave Traveling Wave Tubes for military airborne or ground based applications.

Operate in the millimeter microwave frequency
Lightweight and rugged devices
Feature rare-earth periodic permanent magnets for power-free focusing
Cover both standard waveguide and small band wavelengths
Standard and custom options available

Technical Information

Type Number Frequency Band (GHz) Output Power (W)1 Gain @ Rated Power Cathode Voltage Cathode Current (mA) Duty Cycle (%) # Collector Electrodes


10 40



100 1


25 30



100 1


20 50



100 1


40 50


75 100 3


For applications and operations that require amplification of the millimeter microwave frequency, Photonis Defense offers a selection of MM Wave Traveling Wave Tubes to fulfill these requirements. Photonis’ MM Wave tubes cover standard waveguide bandwidths but can also be optimized to cover small bands of interest if necessary. These tubes are helix-type traveling wave tubes constructed using the industry standard of metal-ceramic. Their construction makes the tubes not only lightweight and rugged, but it also provides adequate protection and durability for operations taking place in severe environments. Photonis’ traveling wave tubes also feature rare-earth periodic permanent magnets that allow for power-free focusing of the tube. These MM Traveling Wave Tubes are suitable for military airborne or ground-based platforms and can be ordered as fully developed systems or you can work with Photonis to custom design a system specific to your requirements.


Commercial Communication



Microwave Products Brochure(PDF file, 2.75 MB)


Application Fields

Long Range Surveillance
Missile Detection Warning System
Electronic Countermeasures
Electronic Warfare
RF Generation (Defense)
Defense Communications
Long Range Surveillance
Linear Accelerator
RF Frequency Generation
Non-Destructive Testing
Medical Imaging
Commercial Communications

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