Image Intensifier Tubes

Night Vision Image Intensifier Tubes

Image Intensifier Tubes are the powerful core of any night vision system. Image Intensifiers intensify or amplify low light level images using the natural or artificial light sources around you to provide a much brighter image that can be seen by the human eye. Within the image intensifier tube are several internal components that work together to amplify the existing light from natural (such as moonlight or starlight) and artificial (such as street lights or infrared illuminators) sources so that you can view your surroundings at night. Photonis is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of image intensifier tubes for military, space, scientific, and commercial applications. Since each application requires a unique specification or requirement for an image intensifier tube Photonis manufactures a variety of options to provide a tube designed for your situation. Explore our image intensifier tube offerings using the links below. Should any questions arise or you would like a quote for one of our products please feel free to contact us, via our contact form.

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