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PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Warehouse Surveillance

Photonis Defense offers the PD-PRO series of Night Vision Goggles. The PD-PRO series is the world's smallest and lightest night vision goggles. Built around our 16mm filmless 4G image intensifier tubes and our hybrid filmless 18mm image intensifier tubes these ultra-lightweight systems deliver the smallest HALO, cleanest image edge-to-edge, and best contrast and resolution of any system available today. The PD-PRO-Q panoramic is 33% smaller and 9% lighter than its closest competitor. The PD-PRO-16B is submersible to 66 feet and meets all mission-critical needs in a 32% smaller and 25% lighter package.  The PD-PRO-16M is also submersible to 66 feet and brings high-performance night vision to anyone with a 58% smaller and 38% lighter form factor than any other PVS-14 system. Photonis Defense also offers our Hyper™ and Vyper™ night vision lines that were engineered to stand up to continuous abuse and also offer patented components that can be purchased as a system or separately to provide a modular, tailored upgrade path to extend the life cycle of your military issued PVS-14. Learn more about our systems or purchase one by clicking on the products below, or feel free to contact us for help picking the best device for your application. 

*Available only in the US from Photonis Defense and authorized distributors.

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