Simple plug-and-play low light camera for high-resolution imaging under a wide variety of lighting conditions.

High sensitivity Day/Night
Industry Standard Digital Video
CS-Mount Lens Interface
Award-winning Low Light Technology

Technical Information

Camera Specifications
  Monochrome Color
Sensor Technology Extreme low light CMOS
Sensor Imaging Format 1280 x 1024
Sensor Shutter Mode Rolling
Spectral Range 350-100 nm 350-650nm
Frame Rate 100 Hz (Maximum) 60 Hz (Maximum)
Sensitivity Full daylight through bright starlight conditions
Size <41 mm x 41 mm x 62 mm
Weight <150g



The Nocturn family of low light cameras provides day-through-night imaging, capturing images in extreme lighting conditions from daylight through quarter-moon darkness. Nocturn cameras are ruggedized, making them ideal for surveillance, security, and mobile applications such as border patrol, reconnaissance UAVs and armored vehicle perimeter monitoring. Optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements, Nocturn cameras are also a well-suited imaging solution for man-portable uses such as weapon sights, helmet displays, and monoculars. 

The Nocturn U3 is a simple plug-and-play low light camera solution for high-resolution imaging under a wide variety of lighting conditions. The Nocturn is equipped with award-winning CMOS low light technology and a USB3 Vision® digital video output that is GenlCam® compliant, to provide both full daylight and low light images in either monochrome or color for a wide variety of machine vision, security or surveillance applications. U3 is a rugged solution for surveillance and security applications where high-resolution day-though-night images can provide identifying or actionable visual evidence even in starlight conditions. With simple connectivity in a compact form, the Nocturn U3 provides ideal images for superior surveillance solutions.

Did you know?

Photonis’ Nocturn cameras are equipped with one of two patented digital CMOS imaging sensors – the Lynx sensor for monochrome output or the Kameleon sensor for full color even in very dark conditions. Both sensors can be integrated in Night Vision, Homeland security, Surveillance and Scientific applications. These solid-state CMOS sensors provide excellent imaging from daylight to low-light levels – such as those found during a quarter moon. The CMOS pixel architecture offers the best compromise between inherent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), high resolution and intra-scene dynamic range. With total read-out noise below 4 e- without cooling, the Lynx and Kameleon CMOS video processing electronic boards facilitate integration into a wide range of compact imaging systems. This allows ideal detection, recognition, and identification that can be transmitted or recorded.



Application Fields

Homeland Security
Law Enforcement
Long Range Surveillance
Day & Night Analog/Digital Sights
Driver’s Vision Enhancement
Helmet Mounted Analog/Digital Vision
Low Light Level Imaging
Missile Detection Warning System
Vehicle (Land, Sea, Air)
Transportation Systems/Automotive

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