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The might of the US Navy

Photonis supplies efficient and effective power and microwave solutions for use in defense, broadcasting, communications, research and a variety of other applications. For electronic warfare jammers and a variety of different applications, Photonis’ hybrid Microwave Power Modules, mini traveling wave tubes, mm wave traveling wave tubes, CW traveling wave tubes and pulsed traveling wave tubes provide the absolute best solution for reliable high-efficiency, high frequency and high-power output requirements. In comparison to similar solid-state devices Photonis’ microwave products offer better performance and reliability, broader bandwidth and higher output power. To produce the power output required by todays sophisticated electronics and advanced weapon systems Photonis manufactures power tubes and their associated circuitry components each designed for specialty use. These gridded power tubes (tetrodes and triodes) operate across the globe in applications that range from mobile and space focused communications to physics research. Photonis’ microwave power modules, traveling wave tubes, and power tubes can each designed to meet the very stringent environmental and technical specifications specified by your applications.

Electronic Warfare

Traveling Wave Tubes

Designed for defense applications requiring powerful, reliable, durable and focused RF amplification
F18 Taxing

Microwave Power Modules

Powerful, compact and lightweight amplifiers for land, sea, and air applications
Land, Sea, Air Vehicles

Power Tubes

High-efficiency Power Tubes designed to meet very stringent environmental and technical specifications

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