Power Tubes for Defense

Photonis' Power Tube for Defense are reliable, sturdy and efficient while offering dependable performance in a variety of airborne, mobile and stationary defense applications. 

Reliable, sturdy and efficient
Forced air cooled for reliable low temp operation
Range of sizes available
Dependable performance even in severe environments
Versatile, can be used for a variety of defense applications


Photonis Defense manufactures a wide range of Power Tubes for Defense purposes that are reliable, sturdy and efficient while still offering dependable performance under tough and severe environmental conditions, including shock and vibration. For operations in high-temperature environments, many of Photonis’ power tubes are forced-air-cooled to ensure reliable low-temperature operation.  Photonis tubes are versatile and can be used for RF amplification, pulsed RF amplification, linear RF amplification, modern data transmissions, and communication systems. Some have also been used for pulsed RF oscillators, regulators, distributed amplifier services and more. No specific application requires the exact same requirements, so Photonis’ Power Tubes for Defense come in a variety of sizes for airborne, mobile, and stationary defense applications. 

Power Tube Cavities

For many years, Photonis Defense has been developing specialized circuitry for power tubes, generally termed “cavities” as a result of customer demand. These cavities are complete RF circuits that are necessary to tune and operate a matching power tube. Each cavity is designed to match a specific tube in order to produce a final high-power amplifier stage for a specific frequency band and service. Each cavity is an essential part of the installation and maintenance operations needed for a Photonis Defense Power Tube. Photonis Defense highly recommends pairing one of our cavities with any recommended matching power tube and can work with you to determine which power tube cavity your application requires. Please contact us for more information.

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Type Number Power (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8122 235 2000 0.3 200 17
4662 300 2500 0.3 250 16
4661 1160 2600 0.9 550 12



3350 0.55 500 16
7649 4.5 (pulsed) 3000 3.0 700 11
7651 5.5 (pulsed) 6000 1.7 800 17

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