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3D animation of an Image Intensifier Tube

Discover how an image intensifier tube works with this brief video. By breaking down a Photonis image intensifier tube into its individual components we briefly explain how each component works together to amplify an image in low light levels. 


Performance of Photonis' Low Light Imaging Sensors for Long Range Observation

Photonis has developed a CMOS sensor that provides a unique ability to see in both daylight and extreme low light conditions (bright starlight) at high frame rates and high resolution. This sensor has been implemented into a camera and tested at low light conditions and long ranges against CCD and other CMOS cameras. The results show up to a 40% increase in DRI range even in low light conditions. 



See beyond the human eye with superior low light images from the award-winning Lynx Monochrome CMOS sensor. The Lynx sensor was specifically designed with Night Vision, Homeland Security, Surveillance and Scientific applications in mind. This solid-state CMOS sensor provides excellent imaging across varying light conditions from daylight to low-light levels. 


NOCTURN MD Specifications

The NOCTURN MD camera is perfect for 24/7 operations where both daytime and low light level imaging is required. The MD Camera is powered by the LYNX CMOS imaging sensor which has been optimized for low light level imaging and is the first operational sensor specifically designed for night vision, homeland security and surveillance applications. 


NOCTURN U3 Specifications

Powered by the KAMELEON Color CMOS imaging sensor, or the LYNX monochrome CMOS sensor the NOCTURN U3 camera has been optimized for low light level imaging. The NOCTURN U3 offers 1.3 Mpx resolution with a digital zoom capable of enhancing an image up to 8x. The camera, excluding connectors) is SWaP optimized measuring only 41 mm W x 41 mm H x 58 mm D. 


NOCTURN XL Specifications

The NOCTURN XL camera is powered by the LYNX CMOS imaging sensor, the first operational sensor specifically designed with Night Vision, Homeland Security, and Security and Surveillance applications in mind. With the LYNX sensor at its core the NOCTURN XL Camera is optimized for low light level imaging with less than 4e- read out noise and a digital zoom up to 8x. 


NOCTURN XS Specifications

The NOCTURN XS Camera uses a fully solid-state CMOS sensor to provide excellent imaging across varying light conditions, from daylight to low-light levels such as those found during a quarter moon. 


Photonis Defense Night Vision

Photonis Defense is a leader in evolving night vision technology with patented components designed to minimize the likelihood of field failures. Our Night Vision Systems offer superior durability for reliable operation under the harshest of conditions. We offer our Hyper and Vyper systems to users who desire a night vision device capable of standing up to the physical stresses of the battlefield while adding the capability for use as a hardened, weapon-mounted sight on various weapon platforms. 

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