Emergency Medical Services

Medics responding to an emergency

Emergency Medical Technicians or EMT's are constantly being called out to sites where environmental factors such as light level and terrain are unknown. In some cases, EMT's are called to locations where the subject needing attention is far from the road, on uneven terrain, and where the lights from the street to do very little to aid in visibility. In these cases, EMT's equipped with a night or digital vision device are given a significant advantage by being able to maneuver to the location and start working on the victim without needing to access or bring an alternative light source. This allows EMT's to provide life-saving help to victims faster and more efficiently getting them stable enough to be moved to a vehicle for transport to a hospital. Click on any of the products below to learn more about everything a night vision device can do for you. Have a question or would like personalized assistance selecting a solution? Contact one of our specialists today! 

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