Law Enforcement

SWAT Officers with PD-PRO-16B NVGs moving through warehouse

From a pocket-sized monocular to an expended field-of-view panoramic goggle, Photonis Defense can provide a technology perfect for low light operations. One of the best parts of using a night vision device is the ability to see without being seen. Law Enforcement officers need strong and capable devices that all them to track and navigate unfamiliar territories. Operators using night vision goggles or digital vision technologies can observe and complete reconnaissance on possible suspects or criminal activities from a safe distance away. Missions and operations conducted at night are one of the most difficult scenarios that operators face in the modern tactical environment. By equipping law enforcement officers with night and digital vision devices they are given improved situational awareness allowing them to drive vehicles as well as the ability to detect recognize and identify other operations criminals or victims. In the heat of a major tactical event, missing an important non-verbal signal or communication could result in a critical mistake or injury. Officers that use night or digital vision devices ensure mission success by enabling operators to communicate silently when they need to the most. Photonis Defense offers various products, both tube based and digital, that provide the user with superior capabilities when operating at night. Interested in learning more or have a specific question? Contact one of our night vision specialists today.

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