Milkyway galaxy view in desert

Numerous outdoor activities, from hunting to farming and ranching, can take place at night or in very low light levels. Photonis manufactures a variety of products that can provide users the ability to see through the darkness so that they can successfully navigate, maneuver, and participate in their preferred outdoor activity. Click on some of the specific outdoor applications below to discover a range of products that can support you in that application. Can't find what you are looking for or have a question? Our specialists are standing by ready to assist you, just contact us to get started. 

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Recommended Products

Closeup of Hunter holding PD-PRO-16M Monocular


Hunting is hard enough to do during the day but hunting for nocturnal predators can be extremely challenging

Man sitting by tent under starlit sky

Hiking & Camping

Never fear running out of daylight to set up camp or navigate your way home

cows in field at night

Farming & Ranching

Move around your property with ease even on the darkest of nights

lonely sailboat in the ocean at night


Pierce the darkness and see hidden details while navigating through oceans, lakes and rivers after dark

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