Public Services

SWAT Officers Looking Forward wearing PD-PRO-16B NVGs

Photonis Defense manufactures a variety of devices for public services applications from power tubes that broadcast critical news and information to night vision image intensifier tubes and systems that allow Law Enforcement officers, Search and Rescue teams and EMTs to operate effectively at night. For these public services, the ability to see even during the darkest of nights can be critical to the success or failure of an operation, mission, rescue attempt, or even in some cases the difference between life and death. Click on any of the applications below to view a group of products custom selected to address the needs of that specific application. Don't see your application listed or have a question? Contact one of our specialists for assistance. 

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Recommended Products

US Coast Guard Heli

Search & Rescue

Devices that improve SAR teams ability to locate mission persons and possible casualties at night

Owl on Black

Wildlife Observation

Products that equip researchers with the ability to discover more about the nocturnal habits of animals

Medics responding to an emergency

Emergency Medical Services

Devices that allow EMTs' to provide life-saving help to victims faster and more efficiently

SWAT Officers with PD-PRO-16B NVGs moving through warehouse

Law Enforcement

Devices that give improved situational awareness for driving vehicles as well as detecting, recognizing, and identifying other operators, criminals, or victims

Broadcasting graphic


Products that play an important role in delivering entertainment and critical news and information across the globe

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Are you looking for a specification sheet or paper? Documents like these and more are available in the Photonis Resource Center. 

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