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Photonis Defense manufactures a variety of products for research applications. From Linear Accelerators to Voltage regulation our Microwave and Power Tube devices can be adjusted to meet specific requirements defined by their unique applications. Click on any of the specific applications below in order to view a list of customized products for that application. Can't find your application or have a question? Contact one of our specialists for assistance! 

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Voltage Regulation

A voltage regulator tube or VR Tube is an electronic component that is used to hold a particular voltage constant at a pre-determined level.

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RF Generation & Regulation

Vacuum tube technologies provide reliable, long-lasting and steady radio frequency (RF) generation that can be used in research and defense applications. Photonis Defense offers proven products capable of RF generation across a range of frequencies.

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Particle Acceleration

Particle accelerators are used in medical and industrial applications worldwide for their ability to accelerate electrons in order to generate photons, protons, and other ions.

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Are you looking for a specification sheet or paper? Documents like these and more are available in the Photonis Resource Center. 

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