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Surveillance is used across the world for intelligence gathering, crime prevention, protection, and in some cases the investigation of crime. Whether your application requires a high performance imaging system for long range surveillance (up to 10km) or a handheld device for closer monitoring, Photonis Defense can offer a solution. As global tensions continue to increase, there is an ever-increasing need for 24/7 surveillance to protect both mobile and fixed assets. Click on the applications below to view a tailored list of products specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals operating in those areas. Have a specific question? Contact us today! 

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Platforms & Gimbals

Over the past couple of years, militaries and law enforcement throughout the world have been using a variety of electro-optical sensors, placed on unmanned vehicles (drones), to provide actionable reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Homeland Security professionals need innovative equipment that allows them to have accurate situational awareness and reliable information.



Surveillance Drones are used in many surveillance applications to gather still images, video recordings, or capturing live video of specific areas of interest.

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Range Gated

Photonis Defense offers systems that can be used in range gating, or time gating, technologies.

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Are you looking for a specification sheet or paper? Documents like these and more are available in the Photonis Resource Center. 

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