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Photonis Defense designs and manufactures the world’s best image intensifier tubes. Our tubes are used to power Night Vision devices for both military and commercial use. Photonis supplies 60% of the world market for image intensifiers tubes used by NATO military forces the world over and builds ruggedized night vision monocular systems using our very own tubes. Our image intensifier tubes use multi-alkaloid coatings which doesn’t require the use of ion barrier coatings, thus producing a superior tube. Photonis image intensifier tubes come in 16mm, 18mm and 18mm short form factors. They cover a broad range of performance factors to meet the needs of customers looking for price ranges and performance which meet their needs from commercial grade to advanced military specification tubes. 

Our tubes power monocular, binocular and quad tube night vision systems and night vision rifle scopes and telescopes. Photonis has pioneered the technique of coupling an image intensifier tube to a solid-state sensor thus providing image intensifier performance with a digital night vision output for customers needing to provide fused digital information for use in scientific research. If you have technical questions regarding any of our image intensifier tubes, night vision products from an off-the-shelf perspective or custom build requirements please contact our night vision engineers.

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