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Boomslang 50deg Optics

Boomslang Optic set


Photonis Defense has done it again! Expand your horizons with the new BOOMSLANG Precision 50 degree Field of View Optics. New from Photonis Defense!

  • 28% INCREASE in horizontal field of view
  • 138% INCREASE in overall field of view
  • LESS than 1% edge distortion
  • BETTER than MILSPEC IP68/MILSTD 810 immersion tested
  • WORKS with any PVS 14 compatible system
  • LIGHTER than comparable optics


The Boomslang Precision 50 degree Field of View Optics will change your world view with a wider, brighter, distortion free optic that gives the user 138% more overall scene coverage than the standard night vision optics. Made with state-of-the-art precision glass, the boomslang optics will give you, the operator, more visibility with less scanning from left to right, more visibility from top to bottom and are 10% brighter while keeping the same level of performance from the image intensifier.

The BOOMSLANG was designed to fit a myriad of systems with full PVS-14 style system compatibility. These optics were built for tough and rugged use. They were designed to pass the rigorous testing for our US Military. They meet full MIL-Std 810G standards, to include, Immersion to 66ft (IP68), Temp Extremes, Sand/Salt/Fog and Humidity.

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Specifications - Boomslang Eyepiece:

Diameter: 45.5mm
Eyebox Diameter: 25mm
Length (Protruding from housing) 21.5mm
Eye Relief: 17mm
Weight 48 grams

Specifications - Boomslang Objective:

Length (Protruding from housing) 17.3mm
Diameter: 27mm (fits standard PVS-14 objective lens cap)
Weight 47 grams

Product Photos

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