Night Vision

Extreme low light level sensors and custom solutions for military, industrial and scientific applications

See what others cannot

Photonis Defense image intensifier tubes are the world’s best selling tubes for night vision use. We supply 68% of the world’s market for image intensifier tubes for a reason – first tier military forces rely upon and trust Photonis Defense to satisfy their mission critical needs under dynamic lighting conditions.

Our image intensifier tubes enable you to see 30% more of the light spectrum from below 400nm to above 1000nm while delivering exceptional contrast and superior clarity at all light levels. See what Photonis Defense can do for you.

Get a major, unfair advantage at night

Our night vision products provide extreme night vision capability, operate lower in the light spectrum and higher in the light spectrum than our competition. All of our night vision goggles meet the strictest military specifications and are submersible.

While bad actors stumble around in the darkness, you’ll be able to easily navigate with your night vision device using an accessory 1,064nm laser illuminator which is invisible to the human eye and to other night vision generations and technologies. These state-of-the-art night vision systems enable you to operate faster and reduce the head-and-neck strains that are typical of other systems.

What can we do for you?

We offer a variety of night vision systems and components, all designed to be rugged, field-ready and completely reliable. Our history of innovation began in 1942 when our facility was first opened by the US Navy for the urgent development and production of radio and microwave power tubes.

Our reputation for innovation continues today as the premier provider of high power microwave amplifiers and cutting-edge night and digital vision technologies.

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Image Intensifier Tubes

A diverse range of image intensifier tubes for military, space, scientific, and commercial applications

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Night Vision Systems

Thoughtfully designed night vision devices for a multitude of environments across the globe

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