Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Learn about our commitment to sustainability, community, and our strict code of ethics

Photonis Defense’s CSR Strategy

As part of the Exosens Group, Photonis Defense’s CSR strategy is committed to providing products that reveal the invisible, expand the human frontier, save lives, and protect our protectors. Our CSR strategy embraces four ambitions that pertain to environment safeguarding, our relationships with our external partners, our employees’ welfare, and governance:

1. Enhancing Environmental Accountability

Photonis Defense is firmly committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and dedicated to implementing eco-design criteria in the design of all our products that maximizes production efficiencies while reducing the need for excessive resource consumption.

2. Acheiving CSR Impact with Partners

Photonis Defense aims to align our practices with common sense international standards. As part of the Exosens Group of companies, our objective is to attain a "Gold Medal Standard" by the end of 2025, in line with those international standards. Recognizing the significance of maintaining a sustainable supply chain, Photonis Defense will work with our strategic suppliers in their CSR initiatives.

3. Taking Care of Individuals

With a strong focus on health and safety, Photonis Defense is dedicated to reducing long-term injury frequency and severity rates at the group level and within our own Key Performance Indicators at our Lancaster, PA location. As part of our group responsibilities, we aim to provide training on risk reduction strategies for our managers by 2025. Furthermore, Photonis Defense commits to supporting the Exosens group objective of increasing representation of women in group leadership positions by 2026.

4. Being Uncompromising on Ethics and Compliance

Conducting business transparently and securely, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, is key to Photonis Defense. Therefore, we expect our partners to adhere to a Code of Ethics. Internally, all new employees will receive training on anti-corruption measures, with cybersecurity being of paramount importance.
Photonis Defense also actively promotes key initiatives and programs from the Department of Defense (DoD), essential for establishing and maintaining our status as a trusted defense contractor.
Of the nine production sites within the group, two are already ISO 14001 certified, and one is currently in the certification process. Ongoing efforts are directed toward reducing the use of chemicals that contribute to high greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the production process. Simultaneously, we are exploring safer alternatives to the use of carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic (CMR) substances. Other initiatives, such as environmental risk assessment, waste management, and accident reduction, are already implemented in the United States, France, Netherlands, and Belgium.

These ambitions, aligning with several of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, formalize and standardize social and environmental initiatives within the Exosens Group, including Photonis Defense. Moreover, Photonis Defense not only adheres to but actively promotes key initiatives and programs from the Department of Defense (DoD), essential for establishing and maintaining our status as a trusted defense contractor.

Photonis Lab

Photonis Defense is a part of a multi-national organization, Exosens

Photonis Defense joins other production facilities including operations located in Brive-la-Gaillard (France), Roden (The Netherlands), and Sturbridge (United States of America) in manufacturing our wide range of high-performance products.

Each facility is supported by departments such as Research and Development (R&D), Engineering and Program Management.

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