Long Wave/Thermal cameras (LWIR)

Our LWIR camera cores are ideal for surveillance, homeland security, object detection, industrial and scientific applications.




MicroCube is the latest generation of thermal cores in 12μm pixel pitch, developed in a SWaP design, and covers main standard interfaces. Size, weight and power altogether make this European-made thermal core the ideal candidate for all applications where consumption and/or footprint are key factors, namely UAVs, UGVs and robot-type platforms, as well as handheld devices and all battery-powered equipment.

  • The most compact uncooled thermal core
  • Latest generation in 12μm pixels
  • Easy integration
  • Ultra efficient power consumption


The MicroCube series offer an exceptional technological advancement in LWIR camera core featuring ultra-small size, low weighted and extremely low power. Its’ remarkable compact size of 22x22 mm2 dimension making it the most promising candidate for applications where space constraint is a concern such as handheld equipment, UAVs and drone.

Despite its diminutive footprint, the MicroCube series are able to detect a slight discrepancy up to NETD < 40mK. In addition, the standard video interface ensures easy integration into any thermal devices.

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  • Compact and feather-weighted
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low-power consumption
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