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Our Hyper™, Vyper™ and PD-PRO night vision lines are engineered for rugged and reliable performance

PD-PRO-Q Panoramic NVG

PD-PRO-Q Panoramic NVG


The PD-PRO-Q Panoramic night vision system is a state-of-the-art tool the provides Special Forces and SWAT Teams a notable advantage when conducting operations – particularly in dense high threat urban areas and underground facilities.

*In comparison to the available metrics for the GPNVG-18

  • 9% lighter*
  • 33% smaller*
  • Expands FOV by 7 degrees*
  • Features a Photonis 4G Hybrid-18mm tube
  • Available only in the US


The Photonis Defense Professional Special Mission Night Vision Goggle or PD-PRO-Q, is the most compact and lightest panoramic goggle on the market today designed for Tier 1 teams. The PD-PRO-Q was designed around our evolutionary shortened 4G filmless Hybrid-18mm image intensifier tubes to create a system that is 33% smaller and 9% lighter than any other panoramic google available in the US.

The Hybrid-18mm image intensifier tube enables an extra 7° field of view (FOV); providing 104° vice the 97° from our closest competitor, which vastly expands situational awareness. The expanded FOV combined with our HypersenseTM 4G tube technology also expands the detection range from below 400nm to above 1,000nm, or 30% more than our competition. The expanded range allows the operator to see laser illuminators not visible to standard military issue night vision goggles without the need for additional digital or thermal clip-on devices.

The PD-PRO-Q is manufactured with an aerospace aluminum alloy that provides exceptional resistance to electromagnetic pulse as well as numerous operating conditions including extreme heat, cold, and salt. The PD-PRO-Q is submersible to 5 meters or 17 feet.

*Note: Saltwater restrictions apply. Please contact a PD-PRO specialist or an authorized distributor for more information.

Basic Kit Includes: PD-PRO-Q goggle, soft carry bag, daylight safe lens caps, sacrificial filters, full set of clip-in diopters, external battery pack, helmet mount adapter, AA batteries, lens cleaning device, external power cord, quick start guide, hard storage case, access to digital operators manual.

The PD-PRO-Q is only available in the United States from Photonis Defense and authorized distributors.

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Additional Features

For years military professionals, hunters, law enforcement officers and a variety of other night vision users and enthusiasts have been craving lighter and smaller night vision goggles. Years of use have shown that in many cases heavy systems may be the contributing factor to head, neck and shoulder injuries among night vision users. With this knowledge, we worked alongside current and former military personnel, to design and produce night vision goggles that are significantly smaller and lighter than current systems on the market. We were able to achieve this goal by utilizing our very own evolutionary 4G 16mm image intensifier tubes and 4G Hybrid-18mm tubes to create the PD-PRO Series. The PD-PRO series is truly re-defining the night vision standard with smaller and lighter systems that still maintain exceptionally high performance.

Each PD-PRO night vision goggle offers users the unique ability to see 30% more of the visible light spectrum, from below 400nm to above 1,000nm. We’ve labeled this feature Hypersense™ for its ability to give operators superior situational awareness in their surroundings and the option to utilize laser designators and illuminators that are not visible to night vision goggles using standard industry image intensifiers. Night vision professionals using a PD-PRO system equipped with Hypersense™ get a superior advantage out in the field with the ability to see more of their surroundings. Before the release of the PD-PRO series this distinctive capability had never been seen on any other leading night vision systems.

The PD-PRO Series was specifically designed to maximize the capabilities and performance of each individual component. For low-light level operations night vision professionals require a high level of contrast, definition and resolution in order to move throughout their environment, this is where Spec Optics™ comes in. Spec Optics™ refers to the precision German manufactured optics that have been coated and specifically formulated to enhance the performance of a Photonis 4G image intensifier tube. Each PD-PRO system is equipped with our innovative Spec Optics™ to ensure that you can get the best possible performance out of your image intensifier tube and harness the true power of Hypersense™.

Only a PD-PRO night vision device equipped with an evolutionary 4G image intensifier tube can deliver the highest performance in all field and lighting conditions. Each 4G tube is held up to your 4G Technology standard that is defined by the very minimum specifications needed by modern night vision users. Only a 4G tube can provide the smallest and most transparent halo, crystal-clear resolution, and a high definition of contrast to provide accurate situational awareness for the operator. Additionally, Photonis 4G image intensifier tubes are equipped with the fastest Auto-Gating in the industry that reacts over 3x faster than the blink of an eye to sudden lighting transitions, such as weapon flashes, flash-bangs, or other dynamic lighting conditions.


Horizontal Field of View (FOV) 104°
Vertical Field of View (FOV) 38° +/- 1°
Focus Range 7.9 inches to infinity
Spectral Sensitivity Below 400nm to above 1,000 nm
Tube Type Auto-Gated Photonis 4G Hybrid-18mm
Battery Life ~30 hours @ 72°F (21°C) w/ lithium batteries
Operating Temp -49°F to +140°F (-45°C to +60°C)
Weight <28.2 oz. (<800 grams)
Submersible* 17 feet (5 meters)


Each PD-PRO Series device can be customized to a user’s unique requirements. Contact our PD-PRO specialists for assistance with choosing the right options for your specific application, or see an authorized distributor.

White Phosphor

White Phosphore Example

The latest technological achievement providing the greatest clarity of image when operating in urban, desert or forested environments. For these applications, the night vision user should turn to a white phosphor tube. Studies have shown that night-time scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. White phosphor also provides much clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows within an environment.

Main Benefits
  • Greater image clarity
  • Scenes appear more natural
  • Clearer information regarding contrast, shapes, shadows
  • Perfect for urban, desert or forested environments


Green Phosphore Example

The industry standard for more than 40 years, green phosphor is the perfect choice for operators that complete missions in the jungle or deep dark areas of the world. The enhanced contrast and depth required for operating in these densely packed environments are ideally suited to the green phosphor coating. The higher gains and stronger contrasts of the green phosphor enable the clarity of image required for those operating without the advantage of ambient light sources to enhance the image.

Main Benefits
  • Enhanced contrast and depth
  • Higher gain and contrast provide better clarity
  • Perfect for jungle or deep dark environments
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