Power Tubes

A wide variety of power tubes and their associated circuitry components all designed for specialty use

FM / VHF Commercial Tubes

VHF Commercial Tubes


Compact, sturdy power tubes designed for high linearity VHF-TV equipment as well as other CW or pulsed RF applications.

  • Easily circuited to desired frequency
  • Operation in TEM mode possible
  • High gain bandwidth product for full VHF-TV service
  • Operates well in high temperatures


Designed for high gain, high linearity VHF-TV equipment, Photonis Defense’s VHF Commercial Tubes are easily circuited to a frequency required by your requirement. The coaxial-terminal design of the tubes assures a high gain bandwidth product for the full VHF-TV band as well as the added ability for operation in the TEM Mode.

Photonis Defense VHF Commercial tubes are sturdy, operate well in high temperatures and offer minimized tube inductances. This makes it possible to use simple, economical, broadband circuit techniques in applications requiring VHF operation. Besides commercial VHF-TV service, Photonis’ VHF Commercial tubes are also well suited for other applications such as; single side band, CW or pulsed RF, modulator services, translator services and much more.

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Detailed datasheets, brochures and other reference materials are available upon request.


Power Tube Cavities

For many years, Photonis Defense has been developing specialized circuitry for power tubes, generally termed “cavities,” as a result of customer demand.

These cavities are complete RF circuits that are necessary to tune and operate a matching power tube. Each cavity is designed to match a specific tube in order to produce a final high-power amplifier stage for a specific frequency band and service. Each cavity is an essential part of the installation and maintenance operations needed for a Photonis Defense Power Tube.

We highly recommend pairing one of our cavities with a recommended matching power tube and can work with you to determine which power tube cavity your application requires.


Type Number Power (W) Volts Amps1 G2 Volts Gain (dB)
8976 15000 8000 3.60 1500 15.2
8986 15000 9000 2.1 1000 20.5
9011 25000 12000 3.2 1200 20.1
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