Power and Microwave

Photonis Defense develops and manufactures hybrid power amplifiers, combining both vacuum electron and solid-state technologies

Go with today’s best counter puncher

Depend on Photonis Defense to give you the optimum size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) for your RF amplification needs. Our top tier power and signal amplifiers enable the world’s most powerful electronic countermeasure systems.

Delivering superior performance and reliability, broader bandwidth and higher power-out than comparable completely solid-state devices, Photonis Defense develops and manufactures the highest quality, hybrid power amplifiers, combining both vacuum electron and solid-state technologies.

Global organizations rely upon our hybrid amplifiers and traveling wave tubes for the absolute best solutions for reliable, high-efficiency, high-frequency and high-power output requirements for voice, data and video telecommunications systems.

Innovation broke us through

Our leap years ago in metal-to-ceramic construction methodology is now the industry standard.

Photonis Defense products enable some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated electronic warfare jammers, missile systems and weapon-system simulators as well as military- and commercial-satellite data communications devices.

No other product line does a better job of generating the power output required by today’s sophisticated electronics and advanced weapon systems. Our 7.5 megawatt gridded power tube is the most powerful in the world, and our five-stage collector outclasses any other in the industry.

What can we do for you?

We serve all branches of the US Military, NATO, plus as a wide range of commercial customers. Photonis Defense’s history of innovation began in 1942 when our facility was first opened by the US Navy for the urgent development and production of radio and microwave power tubes.

Our reputation for innovation continues today as the premier provider of high power microwave amplifiers and cutting-edge night and digital vision technologies.

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Microwave Devices

Efficient and effective Traveling Wave Tubes, Microwave Power Modules and Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

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Power Tubes

A wide variety of power tubes and their associated circuitry components all designed for specialty use

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