Protecting the Protectors

Protecting the Protectors

Photonis Defense creates innovative products and technologies that are used to save the lives of our military and first responders. Our night vision systems incorporate our own image intensifier tubes with superior technology. Along with the systems they go into our image intensifier tubes provide the sharpest resolution and clearest visibility on even the darkest of nights, allowing our users to detect threats that would otherwise be invisible. Our digital night vision technologies provide crystal clear imagery and are the professional choices for day-through-night surveillance missions. Photonis Defense also manufactures vacuum electron devices for electronic warfare that provide powerful jamming signal amplification to counter every threat. Our devices also enable the safe passage of aircraft by jamming the harmful and misleading signals sent by our enemies. With night vision, digital vision, power tube, and microwave products Photonis Defense reveals the invisible, saves lives and protects the protectors of our neighborhoods, communities, and country.



Security and Surveillance
Photonis releases a new output interface for the Nocturn HD-SDI camera core. The new interface, the HD BNC, features a quick connect/disconnect system and improved reliability under harsh conditions.
Photonis France has donated a variety of surgical masks, protective suits, disposable overalls, and vinyl gloves to hospitals in the surrounding area to assist nurses and doctors in caring for patients who are infected by the Corona Virus (COVID-19)



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Association of Old Crows 2020
December 8 2020 to December 11 2020 - 08h00 to 20h00
Washington, DC United States
Visit Photonis Defense at this year’s Association of Old Crows Annual International Symposium & Convention taking place December 8-10, 2020 in Washington, D.C. Photonis will be at booth 537 with our powerful and innovative solutions for electronic warfare and defense communications. Better performance and reliability, broader bandwidth and a higher power output than comparable complete solid-state devices our high-quality Microwave Power Modules and Traveling Wave tubes are relied upon by militaries in various countries. Click on this event to arrange a meeting with one of our EW professionals at the show!

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Our team here at Photonis Defense is dedicated to offering products and innovative solutions that protect the individuals who risk their lives for our freedom every day. By partnering with other companies, collaborating with system integrators and developing new technologies, we strive to challenge the status quo.

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