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Photonis Defense hires Ross Botson to lead their Night Vision Systems business development for DOD

April 5, 2023 / News

LANCASTER, PA, – Photonis Defense, a leading provider of night vision systems and image intensifier tubes, is pleased to announce the hiring of Ross Botson as Night Vision Systems Business Development Manager for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Ross boasts an impressive background within the Department of Defense, having served honorably in the US Army’s esteemed 82nd Airborne Division, USASOC, and SOCOM units as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. His extensive military background and the depth of experience Ross has acquired during his years of service makes him a key addition to the Photonis Defense team.

After his time in the service, Ross brought his skills and expertise to the world of business development for prominent US defense contractors. He had notable tenures at organizations such as ACAEDMI, Constellis, and IDS International at The Ranch, Texas, a tactical training facility near San Antonio.

“We are excited to welcome Ross to our team,” said Sean Kirk, Vice President of Night Vision Systems. “Ross’s extensive experience and highly specialized skillset fills an important need within our organization for business development, DoD procurement, and DoD Capture Management. We are certain that his expertise and commitment will greatly contribute to the growth of our night vision business for many years to come.”

“On behalf of the entire Photonis Defense Family, we express our gratitude to Ross for his amazing service to our country and extend a warm welcome to him as he joins our team.”

About Photonis Defense

Photonis Defense is an elite provider of night vision systems and image intensifier tubes, crafted specifically for tier one personnel. With the introduction of the 16mm PD-PRO night vision systems, Photonis Defense continues to lead the industry, offering the lightest and most rugged night vision systems available. Photonis Defense is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


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