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Photonis Defense Night Vision

Photonis Defense is a leader in evolving night vision technology with patented components designed to minimize the likelihood of field failures. Our Night Vision Systems offer superior durability for reliable operation under the harshest of conditions. We offer our Hyper and Vyper systems to users who desire a night vision device capable of standing up to the physical stresses of the battlefield while adding the capability for use as a hardened, weapon-mounted sight on various weapon platforms. 


Microwave Products Brochure

Photonis Defense has been developing cutting-edge solutions and components for electronic warfare, communications, and radar systems for over 70 years. Our diverse range of highly reliable, field-proven standard and custom systems will help you defend every important asset. This brochure gives a basic overview of our Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) and Microwave Power Module (MPM) products. 

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