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What is Auto-Gating?

Auto-Gating (ATG) is a unique feature that operates constantly to maintain optimum performance of the image intensifier tube by continuously revealing mission-critical details and safeguarding the tube from additional damage. ATG also protects the night vision user from temporary blindness. 


Black Spots in Night Vision

Black spots are cosmetic blemishes that may originate from fixed particles inside the image intensifier tube or in the fiber optic. In this short piece, learn more about black spots and their effect on the performance or reliability of a night vision device. 


All about Gain

Image intensifier tubes work by collecting low levels of light and amplifying them to levels that can easily be observed. The tube gain is the magnitude or number of times the image intensifier amplifies the light input. Learn more about gain by reading this short piece that explores the topic further.


How an Image Intensifier Tube Works

How does an image intensifier tube work? Learn more in this short piece that explores how small amounts of light in low light levels are amplified to a level that can be seen by the human eye. 


What is Modulation Transfer Function?

Explore the concept of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) in this short highly technical piece. MTF is the most objective tool to predict the image quality of an image intensifier at high light levels so it's important to understand the concept. 


Signal-to-Noise Ratio Explained

This short piece explains the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and why it's important to take into account when choosing a night vision device for a specific application. At any given light level, SNR characteristics can quantify how much signal is corrupted by the noise introduced by the image intensifier tube; the lower that noise, the higher the SNR and the better the image. 


XR5™ & Gen3

This short piece explores the main differences between a Photonis Image Intensifier Tube (XR5) and a typical Generation 3 image intensifier tube. By covering all the details regarding the history of the term 'Generation' and the fact and fiction surrounding performance we hope to show you a different side of night vision. 


Development of Night Vision

From Generation 0 to Generation 3, Night Vision has seen many technological breakthroughs throughout the years. Photonis breaks down the major technological advancements that created the different generations of night vision. 

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