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EBNOCTURN - Specifications

The EBNOCTURN Camera is the most powerful extreme Low Light Camera that operates under conditions from full moon down to overcast starlight. Based on the EBCMOS sensor it is changing the game by combining the best Night Vision performance with digital technology ever. Due to its light Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) it the most suitable camera for helicopter mounted Night Vision system platforms, jet pilot Night Vision systems, driver vision enhancement systems, weapon sights and dismounted soldier Night Vision systems. Where every photon counts.


Nocturn HDSDI 720p Specifications

Looking for a camera core that is the perfect fit for your remote sensing or unmanned ground or aerial imaging camera? The Nocturn HD-SDI 720p is ready for any application from security and surveillance to nighttime broadcasting. Sign in to My Photonis to get all the specific technical details around this camera core to make sure its the perfect fit for your next project. 


NOCTURN MD Specifications

Ideal for 24/7 operations the Nocturn MD camera offers a less than 4e read out noise along with a digital zoom of up to 8x. This specification sheet covers all the unique specifications around the Nocturn MD from Quantum Efficiency to Gain Control. Sign into My Photonis to download the document. 


NOCTURN U3 Specifications

Need a camera core that offers 860nm and 1064 nm laser line detection? The Nocturn U3 might be the perfect solution for your project! Sign into My Photonis and download this specification sheet to discover all the benefits that the Nocturn U3 can provide to your imaging solution. 


NOCTURN XL Specifications

The Nocturn XL camera core is the ideal solution for 24/7 imaging applications. Offering a frame rate of 50,60, or 100 fps (user selectable) and a rolling shutter mode the Nocturn XL is ready to be integrated into your next project. Sign into My Photonis today and download this specification sheet to get all the technical details. 


Nocturn XS Specifications

The Nocturn XS offers a digital zoom of up to 8x as well as a less than 4e read-out noise making it ideal for a multitude of applications. Sign into My Photonis and download this specifications sheet in order to get all the technical details around this camera core. 

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